What We Do


TTF’s advocacy role over the past 13 years cannot be overstated.  From ensuring new developments contain safe, connected, and publically available trails to urging bike lanes on our city, county, and state roads and highways, to finding creative ways to fund local bike paths, we have made things happen.  We maintain strong partnerships with local governments, HOAs, and local non-profits and have built a reputation as a successful advocate for trails.


Our region’s trail system is in progress and TTF plays a vital role in the planning and prioritization of needed trails.  We have been heavily involved in every revision of the Truckee Trails & Bikeways Master Plan.  As well, we assist with other trails master planning processes, including a current project with the Truckee Tahoe Airport District.  In the world of dirt, our full-time seasonal trail crew has maintained more than 600 miles of our area’s best singletrack over the past three years – keeping them in safe and sustainable condition. We also hold five volunteer trail crew days each summer, enabling our members and trail users to give a little love to their favorite trails. In 2016 alone, we clocked over 1,500 volunteer hours, 150 miles of trail maintenance, and 2 miles of new trail construction.

What We’ve Done

Since the Truckee Trails Foundation was established, over $24 million in trails and bikeways have been built in our community, including:

  • 17 miles of Class 1 bike paths
  • 13 miles of Class 2 bike lanes
  • 32 miles of Class 3 bike routes

In 2014, TTF worked aggressively to get Measure R on the ballot, and our leaders piloted the massive, all-volunteer effort to a victory on June 3:  $10,000,000 in trails, bikeways, and trail maintenance over the next 10 years. 100% of Measure R revenue goes to the Town of Truckee.

  • TTF secured grant funding and advocacy for completion of the Truckee River Legacy Trail to Glenshire and the Brockway Road Trail.
  • TTF has a full-time seasonal trail crew and five volunteer trail days every summer on our dirt trails – over 4,000 volunteer hours, and over 400 miles of trails maintained.  Work includes log-outs, re-routes, and tread repair on our area’s most cherished trails, keeping them safe and sustainable.
  • TTF worked hard to advocate for funding to build bike lanes on 89 South, bike lanes on Glenshire Drive (complete fall 2014), and the Trout Creek Trail bike path (anticipated completion 2016).


The Truckee Trails Foundation opened its doors in 2002, shortly after the release of the first Town of Truckee Trails and Bikeways Master Plan, which explicitly called for the creation of a nonprofit trails group to facilitate the development of the trails system in Truckee.  TTF looked to the community to provide our initial funding, thereby creating the “Founding Fifty” — trails-minded residents who joined us in our great vision for trails.  Since then we have worked hard to identify  additional strategic alliances, funding, and community volunteers that have all combined to turn Truckee into a community with a rapidly growing system of truly great trails.

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