Our Trails

Where do we work? If one of your favorite trails is on this list, we are out working for you!

Pacific Crest Trail

Commemorative Overland Emigrant Trail

Hole in the Ground Trail

Martis Valley Trails

Sawtooth Trail

Granite Chief Trail

Mt. Judah

Mt. Lola


5 Lakes Trail

Ellis Peak Trail

Summit Lake Trail

Palisades Creek Trail

Western States Trail

Truckee Donner Land Trust
The following trails are managed in partnership
with the
Truckee Donner Land Trust:

Royal Gorge

Donner Lake Rim Trail

Waddle Ranch

Trail Etiquette

Share the Trails

The paved trails are multi-use trails to be enjoyed by ALL types of users – bicyclists, dog walkers, skateboarders, joggers, etc. Regardless of age, mode, or even species, everyone is here to enjoy the trail!

  • Be aware, be courteous, smile!
  • Keep dogs under control, and carry a leash to use if needed.
  • Let others know when you are passing.
  • Allow faster trail users to pass.
  • Ride at a safe speed for ALL trail users.

Care for our Trails

Trails are a tremendous community asset and we want to be sure they are maintained for everyone’s enjoyment and safety.

  • Keep it clean – use a trash/recycling can or pack it out.
  • Clean up after your pet. There is no poop fairy but there ARE plenty of pet waste stations and trash cans along the way!
  • Respect the neighboring plants and animals.
  • Avoid impacting dirt trails after rain or snow.